Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So...who are you guys?

A: This gets a little tricky, so stay with us here. is a ministry of 90.9 KLRC, a radio station in Siloam Springs, AR.  KLRC (and therefore MyPositiveEdge) is owned and operated by John Brown University, also in Siloam Springs. is run out of KLRC's studios, and by the KLRC staff, as well as JBU students.  You can find out more about us, or visit to learn more about MPE's big brother.

Q: What's the purpose of this station?

A: Glad you asked!  We've got an answer for you!  Learn what we're all about.

Q: How do I listen to

A: The simplest way to listen is on your computer by clicking the "Listen Live" link on our homepage.  A popup window will open, and you've got MPE coming through your computer speakers.  You have alternatives though!  If clicking a button at the top of the screen is too complicated (just kidding!) you can also find us in the Windows Media Internet Radio Guide under the "Christian Hits" genre.  Additionally, you can listen on your data enabled mobile device, like our free iPhone App!  For more information on that, check out our Listen Anywhere page.

Q: You know, an internet station is cool and all, but what would be really cool is being able to listen on the radio too!  Why don't you guys broadcast over the airwaves?

A: We totally agree...and we'd love to.  But there are several factors preventing us from doing so right now.  First, radio signals are scarce.  There are only a limited number of slots on the dial, and most of them are already taken.  To acquire a signal nowadays, you usually have to buy it from another station.  And that brings us to the second issue, which is cost.  Unfortunately, convincing someone to sell their signal costs a lot of money!  Acquiring a signal and getting all the equipment necessary to broadcast over the air could cost as much as a million dollars.  And, (quite) sadly, we're not millionaires.  If you happen to be one, however, you could always help us out... :P

Q: So does that mean MyPositiveEdge will always just be an internet radio station?

A: Well we didn't say that! God can do amazing things! If is successful in the internet format and God brings in some generous donors, you never know what could happen.  What we're saying is...we'd love to see MPE get on the FM airwaves as much as you would, and hopefully someday we'll have an opportunity to make that happen.

Q: My computer speakers are puny and listening to music on them makes me sad.  I want to listen through my home stereo system.  Any ideas on how to do that?

A: The answer is an FM Transmitter.  You know those things people use to listen to their iPod in the car?  They've got those for your computer as well.  There's two different kinds of transmitters you can use with your computer.  There are those that plug into a USB port, and those that plug into your computer's headphone jack.  Or, if your computer isn't nearby, you can access the stream via your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  Either way, just open the MPE stream, plug a transmitter into your device, and find a vacant or weak FM frequency to send the music to!

Q: What about listening to in my car? Is that possible?

A: If you have an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or other mobile data enabled device, then yes!  Check out our Listen Anywhere page for how to access our stream on your specific phone, tablet, or music player.  Then just plug your device into your stereo via AUX cable or use an FM Transmitter to get the music through your speakers!  But pretty please...don't be fiddling around with your phone while you're driving.

Q: I really appreciate your ministry, and I'd like to help support you financially.  How can I do that?

A: That's great!  We are hugely appreciative of those listeners that give financially, because MPE and KLRC are almostly completely listener supported.  Without you, we couldn't do what we do.  You can give online by clicking here.  If you'd be more comfortable on the phone, call 866.807.8585.

Q: I've got a question that isn't listed here.  How can I get in touch with you guys?

A: Ask away!  If you've got a question or a comment, you can contact us using the form on our website, or by e-mailing  If you need to call the KLRC/MPE offices, our business line is 479.238.8600.